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Northwestern Faculty Among World’s Most Cited

Thirty-four Northwestern University faculty members have ranked among the most-cited researchers in the world, according to an annual list released by Clarivate Analytics.

The Highly Cited Researchers list highlights individuals for their exceptional research performance, determined by production of multiple highly cited papers that rank in the top 1 percent by citations for field and year. The current list takes into account papers published and cited between 2006 and 2016. Clarivate Analytics estimates that just 1 in 1,000 researchers achieve designation as highly cited. Northwestern’s representation on the list includes seven scientists recognized for their “cross-field” expertise — an interdisciplinary designation introduced this year — and for exerting an “outsized influence across several fields.”

“There are many ways to think about and to measure research impact, including a faculty member’s publications,” says Jay Walsh, vice president for research. “This recognition serves as another indicator to help illustrate the global eminence of our faculty and the pathbreaking discoveries they make. Of course, an important impact of our scholarly output is its ability to further knowledge creation that significantly advances academic fields, improves lives, and transforms society.”

Included on the 2006-16 Clarivate list are several University Research Institute and Center-affiliated faculty, underscoring Northwestern’s strengths in interdisciplinary discovery. The full list of Northwestern faculty recognized for their citation impact are:

  • Ted Belytschko, mechanical engineering (deceased)
  • Eileen Bigio, pathology
  • Robert Bonow, medicine: cardiology
  • David Cella, medical social sciences
  • Navdeep Chandel, medicine: pulmonary
  • Robert Chang, materials science and engineering
  • Vinayak Dravid, materials science and engineering
  • Antonio Facchetti, chemistry
  • Omar Farha, chemistry
  • Mihai Gheorghiade, medicine: cardiology
  • Philip Greenland, preventive medicine
  • Mark Hersam, materials science and engineering
  • Jiaxing Huang, materials science and engineering
  • Yonggang Huang, civil and environmental engineering
  • Joseph Hupp, chemistry
  • Mercouri Kanatzidis, chemistry
  • Donald Lloyd-Jones, preventive medicine
  • Tobin Marks, chemistry
  • Gregory Miller, psychology
  • Chad Mirkin, chemistry
  • SonBinh Nguyen, chemistry
  • Richard Piner, physics (University of Texas at Austin)
  • John Rogers, materials science and engineering
  • Paola Sapienza, finance
  • George Schatz, chemistry
  • Karl Scheidt, chemistry
  • Randall Snurr, chemical and biological engineering
  • Jeffrey Snyder, materials science and engineering
  • Tze-Bin Song, chemistry
  • Jason Steffen, physics (UNLV)
  • Fraser Stoddart, chemistry
  • Samuel Stupp, materials science and engineering
  • Richard Van Duyne, chemistry
  • Clyde Yancy, medicine: cardiology

By Roger Anderson