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Revamped Research Development office

OR unit looks to create increased impact through enhanced collaboration, customer service

In a strategic enhancement to its research capabilities, last month Northwestern’s Office for Research announced the appointment of Katya Klyachko as new director of its Research Development unit. Reporting to Associate Vice President for Research Jian Cao, Klyachko will help drive the unit's mission to provide support in securing extramural funding, with a special focus on interdisciplinary programs and large proposals.

Under Klyachko's direction, and in close collaboration with Cao and with other school- and unit-based colleagues across the University, Research Development is dedicated to advancing proposal development for significant and complex interdisciplinary projects. This endeavor aligns with the University's commitment to fostering innovation through collaborative research.

Key services Research Development will be developing include:

  • Enhanced Team Building and Project Management: The unit emphasizes the formation of dynamic teams and effective project management.
  • Expert Grants Guidance: Advisors provide tailored guidance to ensure proposals meet the highest standards of responsiveness and integration with solicitation goals.
  • Focus on Broader Impacts and Outreach: The development of proposal content includes a focus on broader impacts, educational outreach, and evaluation.
  • Strategic Red Team Reviews and Site Visits: The unit organizes pivotal 'Red Team' reviews and site visits to refine and perfect proposal submissions.

In addition, the unit will be supporting the University’s management of limited submissions, helping advance Northwestern’s competitive edge for campus-wide projects.

Klyachko has been affiliated with Northwestern since 2005 and brings to the role extensive experience from the McCormick School of Engineering, where she served as its inaugural research development manager. Her University tenure is marked by progressive leadership roles, including research development lead at the Center for Health Information Partnerships, team science program administrator at NUCATS, and various roles at the Feinberg School of Medicine’s Cardiovascular Research Institute.  Klyachko earned a doctorate degree in medicinal chemistry from the University of Illinois, a master’s degree in clinical research and regulatory administration from Northwestern, and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Moscow State University.

AVP Cao expressed enthusiasm about the new director and about building on the OR unit’s efforts in recent years: "We are thrilled to have Katya leading our Research Development team. Our goal is to increase collaboration with colleagues across Northwestern's research administration, providing outstanding customer service that translates into high-impact research opportunities."


OR appoints new director to lead Research Development unit 

Katya Klyachko brings extensive experience from tenures at NU’s engineering and medical schools  

The Office for Research is pleased to announce that Ekaterina ("Katya") Klyachko will join the team, effective Jan. 15, 2024, as the new director of the Research Development unit. 

Portrait of staff member Katya KlyachkoKatya brings to the role a distinguished career from Northwestern's McCormick School of Engineering, where she served as the inaugural Research Development Manager since 2022. Her tenure at Northwestern is marked by progressive leadership roles, including Research Development Lead at the Center for Health Information Partnerships, Team Science Program Administrator at NUCATS, and various roles at the Feinberg Cardiovascular Research Institute. 

With a Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Illinois, Chicago, an M.S. in Clinical Research and Regulatory Administration from Northwestern University, and a B.S. in Chemistry from Moscow State University, Russia, Katya's educational background is as impressive as her professional journey. Her expertise is broad and includes strategic planning, project management, proposal development, team science and networking, and faculty development and evaluation.

Vice President for Research, Eric J. Perreault, shared his enthusiasm: "Katya's addition to our team brings fresh energy and exceptional administrative strength to OR’s mission. Her experience, skills, and creativity are perfectly aligned with our efforts to support research excellence at Northwestern." 

Associate Vice President for Research, Jian Cao, who oversees the Research Development unit, remarked: "Katya’s inspiring passion and her rich experience at McCormick and Feinberg make her an invaluable asset for our interdisciplinary research endeavors. She undoubtedly will help us unlock new potential and additional successful research collaborations." 

Expressing her excitement, Katya said, "Joining the Office for Research in this capacity is a thrilling new chapter in my career. I am eager to contribute to Northwestern's renowned research enterprise and to work with the talented team here." 

As the director of Research Development, Klyachko will facilitate the development of large-scale, interdisciplinary – especially those that span multiple schools or units.  She will also oversee Northwestern’s limited submissions process and contribute to internal award administration and oversight.  

–Matt Golosinski